This lovely 1975 series 3, 1.3L Fulvia is one of the rarer ‘Montecarlo’ incarnations.

The ‘Montecarlo’ is a special edition based on the 1.3 S, commemorating Lancia’s victory at the 1972 Monte Carlo Rally. The livery resembled the works car, with matte black bonnet and boot lid bearing Monte Carlo rally plate-style stickers. This version used his own bodyshell with flared wheel arches, similar to the 1.6 HF bodyshell. Other similarities included 1.6 HF Lusso interior fittings such as bucket seats with headrests, rectangular front fog lamps, and no bumpers.

This car was fully restored, including an engine rebuild.

It’s a fun car to drive and was taken by me on a tour of Tuscany in 2019.

Lancia Fulvia Montecarlo for sale: please enquire

2 thoughts on “Lancia Fulvia Montecarlo

  1. Hi Bruno, the Fulvia is a rare ‘Montecarlo’ special, and has been fully restored in the past, including fully bare metal respray and engine rebuild. I drove it to Tuscany and back before Covid. It’s a really fun car to drive. The asking price is £35,000.
    Please advise if you would like to view it.
    Best regards,


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